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MNET Radio Music Festival is a SUCCESS!
Festival's First Year Exceeds Expectations
MNET News Posted:August 29nd, 2016 6:22 PM PT
The MIDNIGHT LIONS on stage at the MNET Radio Music Festival blew away everyone!
Photos by Nicole Friesen

A Message from the Producer-Lance Schilka

I'd like to thank everyone for the enormous effort that they contributed to the first MNET Radio Music Festival! From the artists to the volunteers (especially the ladies at the parking gates and MNET kiosk tent!).

The Sponsors, Urban Valley Transport (who were first on board!), Jodi Milne (Kirby Insurance.), Rex Cox, Prospect Equipment, Long and McQuade and many more! The stage crew, Joe Samarodin (Sound Engineer.), Les Hatklin (Stage Manager.), Mike Munro (behind the scenes IT guy!), Newton Enoch (The Railyard and Seawest Ent.) and especially the crew from Reckless Roofing who`s dedication and commitment to lending a hand where needed was second to none! The food vendors who pitched in on the first year festival, which is always a gamble, made this event a success for everyone involved! I thank you all all and am eternally grateful that we all worked together to make this year`s event a memorable one! The District of Mission who fully supported our festival in every way they could! Maureen Sinclair, Jason Horton, Stephanie, Rebecca, Shane and many more! Also Mission Towing who got the stage in place in the dark! Thanks Kenny!

The artists, each a rising star, were in top form and impressed the audience in so many ways. I really felt the energy of the performances and audience alike throughout the day. Without doubt there are many new fans of our talented regional artists. That, is in fact what the goal of our festival is and always will be. MNET Media is "dedicated to developing artists". Each artist's music is in rotation on MNET Radio and we hope you tune in from time to time and continue to support each and everyone of them now and in the future!

In conclusion, I wish I could personally name each and everyone of our dedicated volunteers as they all deserve a mention, but you know who you are! I wish to extend our continuing support to all regional artists throughout the years ahead and urge you all to submit your music so we can develop your audience. They are out there and we will keep them listen and learning about the amazing talents that we are so blessed to enjoy in our region!

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